Customs services

We offer customs services throughout the country. We represent clients’ interests before customs authorities. We work with a professional team of customs agents who will always advise you on the selection of the most appropriate customs procedure and will assist you with additional documentation. We would like to provide professional assistance in the field of verification and completion of documents necessary for customs clearance. We specialize in services requiring experience and a lot of work, such as:

  • full organization of customs clearance (import, export, transit), including using the simplified procedure.
  • special checks, ie passive processing, active, temporary admission, final destination.
  • carrying out customs clearance for individuals in the field of dispatch of property resettlements.
  • the legalization of certificates of origin and movement certificates EUR 1, A.TR.
  • filling in documents such as the TIR and CMR pass.
  • act before customs authorities in all customs law matters (appeals, applications, etc.).
  • support in obtaining an EORI number.
  • organizing the registration of entities in the PUESC customs system.
  • consulting and consulting on customs matters.