About us

Transport in the 21st century is characterized by continuous activity and dynamic change.Every day we experience the transport machine which is the continuous movement of people and goods around the world. It seems to us that with the current civilization development, transport is fast and easy to implement, which allows you to effectively move everything around from anywhere in the world. Yes, we confirm, every branch of transport which is a land, sea or air transportation is a simple process, regardless of the level of complexity and sophistication. However, in order to fully realize each transport service, you should choose the right people, a team that listens to your needs, presents the best project to your task and finally completes your order according to your expectations … welcome to JM Logistics.

The heart of every job is transport. However, before we start the practical function of transporting goods, without depending on the method of their transport, we provide a number of other functions that make up your order. These are our partner offices in other places around the world, which allows us to send or take any batch of goods from almost anywhere in the world. We work with international carriers, operators and shipowners thanks to which the transport process is performed on the basis of the highest standards. In addition, we offer a wide range of customs services that allow us to close the formalities related to your shipment. Combining everything into a one, we give you a comprehensive service of transporting goods both in the country and in the world.

Going with JM Logistics you can be sure that you will receive fully personalized service. The experience of the people running our company is over 10 years, which was acquired both in Poland and in other European countries. Working in forwarding, especially with many years of experience, allows for a horizontal approach to your needs. The global scope of our company, quality, punctuality and professional support are our advantages only for you. Do you have one shipment? Do you have two? Do you have many? Come to us, we will give it everything!

The JM Logistics team